MyBonusTraffic Affiliate Program User Agreement

Please, read carefully the terms of use of an Affiliate Program MyBonusTraffic.

The User Agreement contains the rules of using the MyBonusTraffic affiliate program (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") by the person who took part (hereinafter referred to as the "Partner").

  1. Conditions for joining the Program
    1. The partner of the Company is a person registered on the website of the Company. Partner Account is automatically activated from the moment the Partner´s registration application is received. Work with the Company is carried out from the moment the Partner clicks on the appropriate link located on the Partner’s mail (e-mail).
    2. By accepting the program, the Partner guarantees that the services, advertising and website DO NOT:

      • carries out illegal activities
      • complies with intellectual property policy;
      • promotes violence;
      • promotes discrimination on various grounds;
      • distributes pornographic materials, or materials containing child pornography;
      • contains and promotes obscene materials;
      • uses spam, as well as unsolicited messaging;
      • applies files and other informational flows that contain viruses.

      In case of non-compliance with these points, the application is rejected automatically.

    3. In case of rejection of the Partner’s application by the Company, the Partner may submit the application repeatedly previously bringing the Partner’s website in compliance with the terms of the Company.
    4. Partner is not allowed to use advertisements of sexual nature, spyware after entering the Company's program.
    5. The company has the right to check the Partner’s website after the Partner joins the program to monitor the compliance of the Partner’s website with the general conditions.
  2. Special links
    1. The company opens the Partner’s access to various advertising materials (links, banner, etc.) for placement on the Partner’s website.
    2. For each program, a unique HTML code is generated, which the Partner adds to his site. This code allows the Company to track the actions of the Partner’s clients, according to which the Partner’s balance is formed.
    3. For the Partner’s client to work with the Company’s website, as well as to register the customer on the website, cookies must be enabled.
  3. Processing Partner's orders
    1. Orders of Partner's clients, who have registered on the Company's website via Special Links, are processed and executed by the Company.
    2. The Company processes order forms, payments, refusals and refunds, and also sells user services.
    3. The Company checks Partner's clients' purchases and provides Partner with statistics according to the given purchases.
  4. Commissions
    1. Commissions are paid in accordance with the amount of registrations and purchases made by the Partner's customers who registered via Special Links.
    2. Using "Pay per sale" and "Pay per first order" , the Partner gets the payments per customer's purchases according to the amount of all purchases and tariff plan.
    3. Program "Pay per lead" has two tariff plans - Standard and Special offers.
      1. Standard offer: the Partner will be accrued to $10 per registration when the conversion reaches 2% and more.
      2. Special offer: the Partner will be accrued to $12 per each registered user when the conversion rate will be 5% or more.
    4. The referral program pays out to 10% from the income of the webmasters invited by the Partner.
  5. Payment of commission to a Partner
    1. Commission is paid to a Partner from the 10th day of the next month for the reporting month.
    2. In case a Partner's commission is less than $50, the Company doesn't pay until the Partner's balance is more than $50. Payment is made no more than the sum of payments, which participate in the calculation.
    3. Commission payment is not made in case of payment refund* more than 5% .
    4. Commission payment is postponed in case of Partner's violation of the program rules for the period of Partner's accounts consideration until the full situation is clarified.
    5. Commission is paid after a Partner indicates a more convenient method of payment: PayPal, Paxum, Bitsafe, Advcash. Transfer costs are deducted from Partner's commission amount.

    * Payment refund - refund of the payment after the credit card processing by the system.

  6. Internal rules of the Company
    1. By participating in this program a Partner accepts the Company's terms and conditions.
    2. The Company has the right to unilaterally change the program policy, terms and working processes of the program.
    3. Company reserves the right to delete Partner's account in case of violation of program rules.
    4. In case of refund of payments made by the Partner's clients, the payments made to the Partner are deducted from the general balance of the Partner taking into account the compensation of the commission for the refunded payments, if there are no commission funds in the Partner's account.
    5. Payments on the Partner's client are not made, in case the Partner's client returns the payment. In this case, the Company will compensate the penalty withheld by the bank-processor from the Partner's commission.
    6. In case of changes in the program terms a Partner is notified in advance.
    7. Partner's agreement is terminated in case of Partner's refusal to accept new Company's terms.
    8. If the Partner continues to participate in the program, the adoption of new conditions of the Company is carried out automatically.
    9. The Company is not liable for any incidental or indirect losses of the Partner (loss of data or income) that the Partner received while participating in the program.
    10. The Company is financially responsible for the amount that does not exceed the commission amount paid to the Partner or the amount that is to be paid.
    11. The Company does not give any hidden or direct guarantees concerning the program or its products.
    12. The Company is not responsible for any interruptions, errors on the website, as well as for the consequences caused by such interruptions.
  7. Partner's Responsibility
    1. The Partner is responsible for the activities of the website, namely:
      1. for equipment and technical functionality of the website;
      2. for placing Special Links;
      3. for the quality of content published on the Partner's website with terms and conditions that do not violate rights of third parties;
      4. for materials published on the Partner's website;
    2. The Company is not responsible for the above items and is exempt from any claims and suits, without reimbursement of any costs.
    3. Messages containing Special Links are sent in case of Partner's client's preliminary signature on such mailing list.
    4. It is forbidden to spam in search engines, news or mailings. The Company does not pay the commission earned in this way.
  8. Duration of the partnership agreement
    1. Partnership agreement comes into force from the moment the Partner submits an application for registration and is valid until the termination of one of the Parties.
    2. One of the Parties has the right to terminate the agreement in writing by warning the other Party of such a decision by e-mail.
    3. In case of termination of the partnership agreement, the Company deletes all materials of the Partner located on the site.
    4. The commission is paid to the Partner before termination of such an agreement under the terms of the Company. In this case, the Company may suspend the Partner’s last payment 30 days after the last transaction of the Partner’s client.
    5. The Agreement is terminated in case of violation by the Partner of clause 1.2. programs.
  9. Partner Guarantees
    1. A Partner guarantees to the Company that

      • He is an adult and has the right to do business in the country he is a citizen of;
      • The information that is provided is complete and authentic. As well as in case of changes in addresses, bank accounts and other information requested by the Company, a Partner undertakes to notify the Company;
      • The Partner’s obligations to third parties under this Agreement will be fulfilled without any obligation on the part of the Company;
      • The content of the Partner’s site, as well as the goods and services offered by the Partner, do not violate laws, regulations and rights, both intellectual property and any personal rights, as well as property rights;
      • The Partner will comply with all local and state laws that apply to this Agreement;
      • According to the rules of this Agreement, the Partner agrees to enforce all the conditions of this Agreement. The partner is aware of this and does not require the consent of any third parties to fulfill these conditions;
      • The Partner agrees with all the clauses of this Agreement and agrees not to violate the payment arrangements, in accordance with any law, rule, order, court decision, which extend the action to the Partner or are binding on the Partner.
  10. Confidentiality of Parties
    1. The Company may transmit to the Partner confidential information that contains any corrections to this agreement, which are directly related to the Partner's website and are not available to other partners of our network. It also contains information on money matters and pricing policy of the program. Any information designated by the Parties as such during the term of this Agreement will be deemed confidential.
    2. The Parties shall not disclose confidential information or use this information for personal business or other purposes.
    3. The Company does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information, and is not responsible before the Partner and third parties when using the information.
  11. Concluding Provisions
    1. Before joining the programme, the Partner has fully read this agreement and all terms and conditions.
    2. The Partner agrees with the fact of the Company’s cooperation with customers on other conditions, as well as the management of the Company’s sites that are competitive for the Partner.
    3. A partner of his own will participates in this program, agrees with all the stipulated provisions of this agreement.